»Swimming pools free of chemicals thanks to blueBase«

Fresh water like in a lake

Do you prefer to swim amidst nature or rather in a pleasant pool – or may it be a little bit of everything?

»blueBase« can make your individual conceptions of the ideal swim come true. Each of our »5 blueBase-swimming pool types« offers you the luxury of naturally vital water. It is mellow and pleasing to your skin, your eyes and your nose, always clear and absolutely without any chemicals. The patented »blueBase-filter system« guarantees clear water free of additives by a systematic process of biological self-purification – like in a lake.

  • Water without any chemicals

    Natural, healthy and vitalizing water

  • Individual concepts

    Comprehensive solution by our »blueBase partners«.

  • Quality control

    through after-sales service, system and quality checks

»Base1« in detail

»Base2« in detail

»Base3« in detail

»Base4« in detail

»Base5« in detail