• »Base1« Bio-Pool mit Komfort

»Base1« The Comfort Bio-Pool

The highlight of the »blueBase programme« is pool type »Base1«. It offers all the features that make a pool so attractive: little space requirements, a clear-cut design, a light visual pool appearance, crystal-clear water, comfortable in use and maintenance – the classical swimming pool.The biological water treatment makes »Base1« outstanding and unique. The result is crystal-clear water, as pure and clean as in a freshwater lake. Not even a drop of chlorine or the treatment with other chemcal procedures are necessary for this. There are no regeneration zones with plants like in a swimming pond.

»Specification of Base1«

  • Space requirements: 20 – 70 m²
  • Plant zone: 0 %
  • Swimming area: 100 %
  • Closeness to nature: nearly none

»Individual standard / time and effort«

  • Level of comfort: high
  • Time and effort for maintenance: high, but automatable

»Typical equipment components«

  • Pool cover or roofing
  • Pool illumination
  • Counter flow equipment
  • Heating

»Implemented Base1 projects«

»Base1 Referenz« Niederösterreich
»Base1 Referenz« Steiermark
»Base1 Referenz« Steiermark
»Base1 Referenz« Niederösterreich