• »Base2« Pool Standard with an Ambience of Nature

»Base2« Pool Standard with an Ambience of Nature

Type »Base2« is the representative pool with an ambience of nature – for all those who set a high value not only on an amply designed pool appearance but also on nature. The plant zone is spread out beside the pool thus enabling a swimming experience in a natural setting, with no limits for a decoration with plants, natural stone, wood and other appropriate materials. Even fish can be at home here, not at all affecting the cleanliness and comfort of the swimming pool.

»Specification of Base2«

  • Space requirements: 50 – 100 m²
  • Aquaculture: as required
  • Swimming area: 100 %
  • Closeness to nature: medium

»Individual standard / time and effort«

  • Level of comfort: medium
  • Time and effort for maintenance: high, but automatable

»Typical equipment components«

  • Cascade
  • Water spout
  • Fountain
  • Illumination

»Implemented Base2 projects«

»Base2 Referenz« Südtirol
»Base2 Referenz« Nordrhein-Westfalen
»Base2 Referenz« Schweiz
»Base2 Referenz« Schweiz