»blueBase Performance«

The »blueBase group« is a growing partnership system.

The »blueBase group« is a growing partnership system. The well-trained high-performance partners of «blueBase» are specialised companies in the sectors of horticulture and landscaping and further trades At present the group operates in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Great Britain.

Minnova BNS GmbH in Farnstädt OT Alberstedt/ Saxony-Anhalt is the head office of the «blueBase group». Minnova BNS GmbH plans, manufactures and delivers the biological filter system to the distribution partners and is in charge of the further development of the system. In addition, public relations are co-ordinated and organised from Alberstedt.

The scientific partners of the »blueBase group« in the fields of limnology and water chemistry are the following enterprises: KLS-Gewässerschutz Dr. Jürgen Spieker and LimSa Gewässerbüro Fr. Dr. Sabine Schmidt-Halewicz

»blueBase Performance« in detail

  • Individual planning of your »blueBase swimming pool« by your »blueBase partner« in close co-operation with the head office including determination of the »blueBase type« with reference to your comfort and cleanliness requirements (determination of the degree of closeness to nature)
  • Competent completion of your »blueBase swimming pool« as a comprehensive and complete solution by your »blueBase partners«: from the excavation work to the finish – matching your garden layout and concept.
  • Professional support with maintenance for and care of your »blueBase swimming pool« by the «blueBase partner» is possible at any time.
  • Start of operation of your »blueBase swimming pool« by an expert of the »blueBase head office« including instructions as to use, facility operation, service and maintenance.
  • Two quality checks of your »blueBase swimming pool« by an experienced limnologist within the first two years after start of operation (quality check)