»blueBase Advantages«

Know-how creates a made-to-measure closeness to nature

A biological »blueBase swimming pool« offers you a joyful and refreshing swimming pleasure in your own garden – and much more. In any case, »blueBase« brings you much closer to nature and, in fact, to an extent you personally require. This makes the difference and represents the uniqueness of the system.

What you can expect from your »blueBase facility«:

  • pleasantly vitalising and always crystal-clear swimming pool water
  • healthy swimming without any adverse reactions on your mucous membranes, hair or skin
  • you avoid allergic reactions
  • high degree of user-friendliness, i.e. no chemicals added, no water exchange, low necessity of re-filling, reasonable energy consumption
  • appropriate care concept for the respective »blueBase type« by efficient maintenance accessories
  • most flexible adaptation of the system to your ideas as to space (from 15 m² total space), closeness to nature, layout and design, comfort and functionality