»blueBase Competence«

Swimming pools free of chemicals

With »blueBase« you make biologically treated, clear and healthy water for yourself. You can choose from concepts which are different as to their closeness to nature and opt for types with or without water plant zones.

The biological »blueBase long-term filter« is the core of each facility. Depending on the respective pool type it is designed as planted or unplanted ground filter. The bio-filter can either be integrated into the swimming pool or in a separate pool, in special cases even underground. Its biological functions in binding and decomposing nutrients develop in combination with mineral geoClear filter granules, micro-organisms and systematic water recirculation.

Basis of the »blueBase Competence« is an intensive development over many years. The first filtration tests were carried out 20 years ago. By a continuous further development we created a comprehensive concept of biological swimming pool water treatment which features the following characteristics:

  • Use of the maintenance-free »blueBase long-term filter system« with patented system modules and guaranteed nutrients decomposition function.
  • Specific layout and positioning of the bio-filter for each »blueBase swimming pool«
  • Use of tested substrates and certified building materials
  • Use of special modules as, e.g., the automatically regulated fine filtration
  • Clear rules and regulations for planning, building, operating and maintaining of each »blueBase pool«
  • Use of a geoClear special substrate for the optimum growth of the water plants under nutrient-poor conditions
  • Quality assurance by after-sales service for each facility for two years after putting into operation by system check (1x) and quality check (2x)

The »blueBase Water Circulation«

The »blueBase bio-filter« (2) is fed by controlled water recirculation (bio-filter circulation). The suction happens underwater in the swimming area (4). Mechanically pre-filtered, the water is channeled into the bio-filter and biologically purified there by the micro-organisms. The water passes the filter upstream by using the whole space. After the filter passage, the water is led either directly or through a connecting pipe back into the swimming area (1). Independent from the bio-filter circulation, the skimming circulation is operated by a second pump. This process serves the surface cleaning and ensures the water circulation. This pump may operate jets (8) or fountains. In these circulation processes you may integrate a pressure filter (9) which removes organic particles floating in the water. Through a dosage station (11) you may add a biological substance to the water which supports the effect of the micro-organisms and feeds them. You may automate all processes by a control station (12).